Optimal Best Practices™


Green Smart Construction™
GreenSmartConstruction™ is the use or disclosure of “Green” energy and environmentally efficient products and services in design, along with “green” legal or “green” tax alternatives that maximize economic efficiency at the same time. These include Green build options (,Tax-Favored Construction™ (e.g.: tax smart tax credits,™, construction tax credits, www.ConstructionTaxCredits.Com ™, ™, cost segregation ( ), etc.

In the United States, buildings account for:
39 % of total energy use
12 % of the total water consumption
68 % of total electricity consumption
38 % of the carbon dioxide emissions
Statistics can be found at the US EPA at:
Did you know construction and maintenance of buildings consume 40% of the US energy and 30% of wood and raw materials.

GreenSmartConstructionDisclosures™ are legal disclosure forms to be used by construction companies in the contracting or bidding process. The owner (and owner reps) should sign-off on the contractor’s Tax-Favored & Green-Build Construction Disclosure Forms whether or not the contractor is retained concerning such services. Although arguably not a legal duty of the contractor, disclosure of such risks and options by the Contractor to the Owner (and owner reps) will mitigate risk exposure to the Contractor, and enhance the Contractor’s competitive advantage (and client loyalty). Trends in the law will ultimately make all those in a position of control or supervision responsible for disclosure. Failure to disclose important building choices or alternatives, which may result in the loss or gain of millions of dollars, should be an area of key concern for any risk management policy. Be ahead of the curve and implement optimal best practices with the official disclosure of GBO and Tax-Favored Construction alternatives to owners. Compliance with these “Optimal Best Practices” will substantially reduce risk and exposure, but build leadership and client loyalty as well.

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